Zero to Hero: Its a process, not an event

 Zero to Hero: Its a process, not an event
Here is a slide deck from the last Zero to Hero series of webinars: An overview of the Zero to Hero series of workshops with a preamble on why pay-as-you-go training fails more often than not.

Whole-Brain Recruiting: Thinking your way to Recruiting Advantage

Whole-Brain Recruiting: Thinking your way to Recruiting Advantage
One of the challenges many organizations face is translating sourcing data into actionable intelligence. Recruiters who are able to relate from the get-go to candidates’ personal circumstances and motivations have a considerable edge over recruiters who call rote. The divergence in competencies for sourcers and recruiters has created a problem that can seriously impair the ...

Still a work in progress…

Still a work in progress...
TIME FOR A CHANGE IN DIRECTION Over the last seven years the BROWN BAG RECRUITER site has generated many friends and new clients. I am grateful for both. In the process I have learned a lot. If you have been involved in the project in any way I hope you’ve learned a thing or two ...

Glenn Gutmacher: Bookmarklets

Glenn Gutmacher: Bookmarklets
Glenn Gutmacher introduced me to bookmarklets in 2005. I’ve been using them ever since. Bookmarklets are a handy light weight browser utility that launch and execute basic commands without the need for a full-blown add-on or extension. Following up on a recent SourceCon hangout Glenn posted a set of bookmarklets. With a few exceptions, they ...

DDI Webinar Series Week 3 – YouTube

DDI Webinar Series Week 3 .... 3 Great Twitter Hiring Strategies (Weekly Wednesday Webinar) by Johnny ...

Google Docs | Boolean Black Belt-Sourcing/Recruiting

Microsoft's Word uses smart quotes by default, which LinkedIn, Monster, Dice and many other sites don't recognize for Boolean exact phrase searching.

Diversity Sourcing | Boolean Black Belt-Sourcing/Recruiting

You can now view the video of my record-setting LinkedIn Sourcing webinar on YouTube.

Predictive Sourcing | Boolean Black Belt-Sourcing/Recruiting

Learn why e-sourcing via Boolean search can identify more well qualified candidates in less time than ANY OTHER METHOD of candidate identification.