Over the last seven years the BROWN BAG RECRUITER site has generated many friends and new clients. I am grateful for both. In the process I have learned a lot. If you have been involved in the project in any way I hope you’ve learned a thing or two too.

In recent months my focus has been on other projects which are finally coming to fruition. They include the rethinking, redesigning, and relaunch of a major job board, plus my work with a new start-up in the micro-learning and certification space. I’ll post more on these new ventures soon.

You can expect to see some changes on the BROWN BAG RECRUITER site in the coming weeks. In short my intention is to realign the project with relevant and timely content designed to help sourcers and recruiters do a better job. This is in keeping with one of project’s original goals to provide a easy access the best available training and related content. What is changing is how it will be delivered. That’s all.

The other big change is the discontinuing of BROWN BAG RECRUITER’s rolling curriculum and webinars. The only training that I will be continuing is with existing Hands on Training Plus clients and any new ones who need on-the-job help combined with lead generation. If that’s you, contact me here.

If you are a BROWN BAG RECRUITER alum you should have received an email with details on how to access and download your training materials. These will no longer be available online after December 31, 2014.

If haven’t done so, add the BROWN BAG RECRUITER Google+ page to your circles. Updates and related info about the BROWN BAG RECRUITER project will be posted there too.

I’ll be posting more of the rationale behind these changes and more on my Recruitomatic Blog.

In the meantime, here is the slide deck from one of the “shorts” that supported the Zero to Hero series of webinars. It discusses one of the BROWN BAG RECRUITER’s recurring themes: Training is a process, not an event!


Amitai Givertz